Digital AI powered characters do not get tired yet!


Next to dreaming of humans dancing together and feeling connected even if they are in different locations, Carousel also aims at allowing digital AI powered characters and humans to dance together.  The project foresees that these AI characters may complement and improve the user experience on several real-world situations including :

  • breaking the ice as sometimes it needs trendsetters to convince humans to start dancing,
  • teaching dance movements to beginning human dancers,
  • creating the sense of a crowd by immersing human dancing in pairs or small groups in much larger groups
  • …..

Yet humans are not robots,  they sometimes get bored,  they sometimes get distracted, and after a while they always get tired.  DFKI and Aalto research on modeling of fatigue for digital characters has lead to to two posters in MIG 2021. These both papers concentrate on modeling fatigue on simple movements.  After this simplifying first step the project hopes to generalize to the fatigue of dancers.

Modeling the “Gorilla Arm” Effect with Reinforcement Learning
Noshaba Cheema1, Laura A. Frey-Law2, Kourosh Naderi3, Jaakko Lehtinen4, Philipp Slusallek1, Perttu Hamalainen3
1Max-Planck Institute for Informatics and DFKI, 2University of Iowa Health Care, 3Aalto University, 4NVIDIA Research
Full Paper :
Toward Fatigue Modeling for Locomotion Tasks
Rui Xu1, Noshaba Cheema1,2, Erik Herrmann1, Perttu Hamalainen3, Philipp Slusallek1
1DFKI and Saarland Informatics Campus, 2Max-Planck Institute for Informatics, 3Aalto University
Publish the November 29, 2021