The “Plantworld” a VR world for feeling good and connected.


The “Plantworld” for inviting to dance in VR,
and feeling happy and connected.
A design by Grassroots Arts and Research.

With this poetic, magic and slightly surrealist world, inspired from the paintings of Denis Lacaux ( the designers and engineers of Grassroots Arts invite to calm down, relax, listen to the music and just dance.
With the PlantWorld, the Carousel project has a light, happy, playful playground for conducting its experimentation with real people.

Inspired by the paintings of Denis Lacaux, the PlantWorld has been designed by Sanket Senapati, and developed by Rene Vogels and Caroline Schwalm, under the artistic direction of Carmen Mac Williams.

Would you like to dance in the PlantWorld? Join our Discord channel at and let us know.

Publish the March 29, 2022